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In anticipation of Memorial Day, we will begin a cemetery wide clean up during the month of May, winter graves will be tended to and grass cutting will resume.

For the safety of our employees, visitors and lawn maintenance equipment the following items are strictly prohibited and will be removed and discarded: decorative stone, shepherd’s hooks, free standing crosses, religious and garden statuary, toys, stuffed animals, candy, letters, sports items, solar lights, etc.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

For more information on cemetery Rules & Regulations, please visit our website at: olfstmarys.weconnect.com


  The Cemetery Team

Rev. J. Duane Gavitt, Administrator


Any questions on the rules and regulations of St.Mary's Cemetery, please refer to the Rules and Regulations Handbook, also check the stationary signs at each gate of the Cemetery or call the Cemetery Office at 570-822-6941.