Our Lady of Fatima Parish


  2. All grading, landscaping and planting of trees, shrubs, bushes or evergreens shall be at the sole discretion of the Cemetery Administration and pursuant of its plan.


  1. Except as provided in subpart 6 in this section, the planting of flowers is permitted only in the area extending one foot in front of a monument and extending the width of the monument. No planting is allowed to the side of a monument.  No planting of flowers is allowed around flat markers.  Planting on any lot shall not encroach upon or in any way interfere with any adjoining lot.


  1. No planting of shrubs, bushes, evergreens or trees is permitted anywhere in the Cemetery.


  1. Plantings whether in place at the time of adoption of these rules and regulations or planted thereafter which, in the opinion of the Cemetery Administration, become unsightly or uncontrollable, or otherwise undesirable, may be removed by the Administration. The Administration is not obligated to trim bushes or flowers.  The Administration is not obligated to provide notice that plantings will be removed or trimmed.


  1. No crushed decorative stones, pebbles, shells or similar materials shall be placed on or around monuments or markers.


  1. One arrangement of artificial or silk flowers is allowed from November 1st until March 1st on any one grave or crypt. Such placements are reviewable by the Administration and may be removed.


  1. Edging of any kind is prohibited in the cemetery.