Our Lady of Fatima Parish



The following is a listing of the passage of a plot/crypt/niche holder’s interest in the event of the death of a holder.  In the event of a holder’s death, any and all privileges of the holder shall pass to the holder’s family as follows:

  1. The spouse of a holder of any plot/crypt/niche which contains more than one interment space, has a vested right of interment of his/her remains in the space except as otherwise limited herein.


  1. If the holder has filed written instructions at the Cemetery Office concerning family succession, said instructions shall be recognized by the Administrator and will be followed.  If, solely in his judgment, the instructions are definite, reasonable and practical, subject however to the vested right of the surviving spouse.


  1. If the holder dies without written instruction as provided above, but the holder has left a Will which specifically bequeaths the lot, and which is duly admitted to probate and satisfactorily proven to the Administrator, and provided that the instructions do not conflict with the Cemetery’s rules and regulations, title passes to the specified legatee.


  1. If the holder dies without a Will or dies with a Will and the interment privilege is not the subject of a specific bequest, title passes in accordance with the intestacy laws of the Commonwealth.


  1. Each holder has the right to be interred within the area covered by the deed, on a first come first served basis.