Our Lady of Fatima Parish


  2. Interment fee includes opening and closing of the grave/crypt/niche, during normal burial hours as established from time to time.  Interments occurring after normal burial hours will incur additional charges as established by the Administrator.  Exceptions to holding services at the discretion of the Cemetery Administration (“Administration”).


  1. All funerals upon entering the cemetery shall be under the exclusive charge and direction of the Administration.


  1. A burial permit for each funeral, as required by appropriate government authority, must be presented to the Administration before interment is complete.


  1. There is no charge for the burial of infants under the age of two, fetuses, or limbs.


  1. The right of interment at St. Mary’s Cemetery grants the lot/crypt/niche holder the privilege of interment in the particular deeded space. It is not a conveyance of ownership, tenancy or other interest in the grave/crypt/niche to which it refers.  The use of a plot/crypt/niche is for the holder or his/her relatives for interment only and not for resale or profit.  Interments must be authorized by the holder or next of kin, unless there are written instructions to the contrary on file in the cemetery office, but in no case shall a holder have the right to sell, transfer, exchange or otherwise dispose of said plot/crypt/niche, any part thereof or interest therein without written permission of the Administrator.  If for any reason a plot/crypt/niche is returned to St Mary’s Cemetery, a refund will be based on 75% of the original price, provided that the original deed is returned.
  2. Double depth burials are not permitted in St. Mary’s Cemetery.


  1. The Administration shall not be responsible for any order which results in a mistake occurring from incomplete or erroneous instructions from the holder, his/her family or their agents.  The Administration reserves the right to impose equitable charges whenever additional costs result from such mistakes.


  1. The Administration reserves and shall have the right to correct errors that may be made in making interments, disinterments or removals; in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment privilege, either by canceling such conveyance or submitting in lieu thereof other interment rights of equal value and similar location, or in the sole discretion of the management by refunding the amount paid on account of said purchases.


  1. In the event an error shall involve the interment of the remains of any person in such property, the Administration reserves and shall have the right to remove or transfer such remains so interred to such other property of equal value and similar locations.


  1. The Administration shall not be liable to any delay in the interment of a body where a protest to the interment has been made, or where the rules and regulations have not been complied with, or where said rules and regulations forbid or allow prohibition of such interment; and the Administration may, at its discretion, place the body in a receiving vault until full rights have been determined. The Administration may require objections to be in writing and filed in the cemetery office.


  1. a) No body interred in St. Mary’s Cemetery shall be disinterred and removed without written permission of the Administrator and the Bishop of Scranton or his authorized representative.


  1. b) Disinterment from St. Mary’s Cemetery must have written approval of the lot or crypt owner or the next of kin. Administration shall have the right to designate the hour and manner in which interments, disinterments and removals will be permitted.  All interments, disinterments, and removals shall be subject to payment of charges fixed by the Administration.  All interments and removals are subject to the orders and laws of proper civil authorities.



  1. Although cremation is now permitted pursuant to the Code of Canon Law, it does not enjoy the same value as burial of the body. Catholic teaching continues to stress the preference for burial or entombment of the body of the deceased.  Cremated remains to be interred at St. Mary’s Cemetery shall be placed up to two (2) in any unused grave or one (1) over an immediate family member or in a niche.